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The Best KISS Of My Life (engl.)


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KISS is a unique rock band. They have an army, a navy, and the craziest fans in the world. Journalist Stefan Frommann has been a loyal follower for 48 years. He saw almost 100 concerts, met Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley for personal interviews, he was backstage and in the recording studio with Simmons. In this
book, he tells the stories of 30 fans from 16 countries, each a special KISStory, unique and emotional. The reader enters a magical world of collectors, tattoo lovers, creatives, imitators, insiders, and rebels. Those who love KISS will find themselves in it. Those who have not known KISS before will be amazed at a world they would not have thought possible.

Have a look inside the book!

With additional interviews:
» Bob Ezrin, producer of “Destroyer”, “Music from the Elder” and “Revenge”
» William Starkey, inventor of the KISS Army
» Jordi Ballera, Professor at the University of Madrid
» Cheryl Rixon Davis, friend of Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons for 50 years
» Gil Garcia, best Paul-Stanley-Double in the world
» Tommy Thayer, KISS guitarist

paperback: 282 pages
Stefan Frommann
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